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Professor Damian Hughes is an international speaker and best selling author who combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisational development and change psychology, to help organisations and teams to create a high performing culture.

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  • The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset

    In The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset, Professor Damian Hughes, the acclaimed author of Liquid Thinking and How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson, draws on both his life time experience and academic background within sport, organisation and change psychology to reveal the best ways to create a winnin…
  • The Barcelona Way

    FC Barcelona are one of the most successful football clubs in the world. In the four years that Pep Guardiola was in charge they won fourteen of a possible nineteeen trophies – a success rate never matched. However, what makes FC Barcelona unique is the winning culture that has delivered sustained …

Dear Readers,

I am writing to let you know that my publisher, Macmillan, has discontinued publication and distribution of my book The Barcelona Way because it contains several lengthy portions of text which I copied verbatim or near-verbatim from the works of Daniel Pink and other authors. I did not have authorization from Mr. Pink to copy his valuable writings, and I did not give Mr. Pink attribution for the use of his writings.

I apologize to you, my readers, for my actions. I have also made a full apology to Daniel Pink. I also apologize to my publisher. I deeply regret my failure to identify and give credit to Daniel Pink and these other authors and I make no excuses for it. I commit to you that I will not make this mistake in my research and writings in the future, and I will work to regain your trust in my work. I remain grateful for your support.

Damian Hughes