First Post

05-11-2015 Damian Hughes 0 comments

First of all, thanks for reading. I'll be coming here from time to time to write about stuff connected to the ideas and stories within my world of Liquid Thinking - and likely lots of stuff that's not so connected.

While I write my books, I frequently have strange experiences. It is sort of like when you buy a new car, and suddenly every car on the road is exactly like yours. In my case, every time I read about a superstar in sports, arts, music, or politics, I kept seeing the principles I am writing about in action.

Maybe this is just me mistakenly thinking the world revolves around my books. Or maybe not. I suppose we'll have to start the blog and see where theseĀ  ideas lead - and I hope you'll let me know when I manage to hit the mark, as well as when I don't.

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