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  • How do I contact you for more information?

    It's easy. You can either:

  • What is Liquid Thinking?

    Liquid Thinker is the name of the organisation led by Damian Hughes. Damian is an international speaker (he has spoken in 20 different countries), a best-selling author (he has written six books to date) and a sports psychology consultant (he has worked with Great Britain and England rugby league teams) who takes the insights, methods and lessons by business, sports and history's greatest achievers and shares them through his speaking,training and consultancy to help organisations, teams and individuals to enjoy similar success.

    Have a look at some of the testimonials about Damian's effectiveness.

  • Why Liquid Thinking?

    There are two answers to this. You decide which is most plausible:

    Answer 1: Edward de Bono, the creativity guru suggests that 90% of errors which we make in life are down to 'solid thinking', in other words, our inability to see things from different perspectives. Liquid Thinking is the opposite of this.

    Answer 2: When Damian was deciding on the name of his business, inspiration struck when he was sat discussing it in a pub with his friend.

    It also sounds quite catchy, don't you think?

  • How can it apply to me?

    However you want it to.

    On an individual level, you can read the books and follow the actions which are detailed at the end of each chapter. These capture the principles used by the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali and Jonny Wilkinson as well as less famous people that you work alongside every day. The books are a demonstration of the principles in action.

    On a wider level, you can apply the principles to any business, team (sports or work), group or organisation which you are involved in. You can use the book and we are happy to discuss other wide ranges of services about how it can help you become successful.

  • Why is this approach different?

    There are a few answers to this question: 

    • It has been proven to work in a number of different environments in the public and private sector, elite sport, and charities.
    • It is all about you and about the people whom you work alongside every day. Although Damian has met and interviewed many famous achievers, we accept that we are not all going to become the next Richard Branson or Muhammad Ali but we can all achieve more than we believe we are capable of and this book helps us understand how we can achieve this.