"Damian has captured many of the important points about what a leader needs to do in his excellent book."

Sir Alex Ferguson

Books by Damian Hughes...

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    The Barcelona Way

    FC Barcelona are one of the most successful football clubs in the world. In the four years that Pep Guardiola was in charge they won fourteen of a possible nineteeen trophies – a s…

    'A powerful book on the important principles of creating a high-performing culture.'

    - Eddie Jones, England
    Rugby Union Head Coach

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    The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset

    In The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset, Professor Damian Hughes, the acclaimed author of Liquid Thinking and How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson, draws on both his life time experi…

    I would recommend this book, mainly because of its clarity in approach. There are many insights which will offer you some simple, effective and sustainable ideas about how to improve performance in your own world.

     - Sir Ian McGeechan

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    How to Change Absolutely Anything

    Everybody wants to change something, whether it is work, life, yourself or someone else. Based on evidence-based psychological principles, this book demonstrates in 10 easy steps h…

    "I remember how it felt as a young child to be told that I was losing my hearing. I was scared, worried and concerned. I soon realised there was no point in mourning the loss of my hearing but instead I began to find excitement in discovering new ways to change. Damian Hughes tells you how to make the same journey."

    - Dame Evelyn Glennie - Classical Musician

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    Liquid Thinking

    Damian Hughes looks at the methods used by great achievers and shows, in easy steps, how you can adopt them into your own life, dreams and ambitions. Most importantly, he shows how…

    "As someone that has achieved many of my own personal goals and experienced the satisfaction from doing so, I would recommend that you adopt the lessons and techniques, which are captured in this excellent book, to greatly assist you in achieving your own ambitions. Go ahead. Take the plunge and become a fellow liquid thinker."

    - Sir Richard Branson

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    Liquid Leadership

    We all need heroes. People who make things happen, show courage, passion, resilience and the will to succeed, whatever the challenge. These are Liquid Leaders. Liquid Leadership pr…

    "Damian captures many of the important points about what a leader needs to do in his excellent book Liquid Leadership."

    - Sir Alex Ferguson

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    Change Inspiration

    This is a book to help you change things. Maybe you want to help your child do better at school. Maybe you want your team to act more responsibly at work. Maybe you want to get you…

    "The world depends on people who are prepared to challenge conventions and accepted wisdom and I hope that this book gives you the necessary courage to do so. Go ahead and become a fellow change inspirer."

    - Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to break the 4 minute mile barrier

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    A Drop of Liquid Thinking

    In this 60 minute audio CD from the author of Liquid Thinking, Damian shares fascinating insights about some of the greatest achievers in business, sport and life including Sir Ric…

    "I defy anyone not to be inspired and moved by Damian's belief in people and their potential"

    - Kim Morgan, Managing Director, Barefoot Coaching

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    Personalised Books

    The world is full of heroes and our lives are enriched with stories of heroism and heroic deeds.

    We all need our legends. However, true heroism is not confined to such places as b…

    "Damian did a great job in personalising the book for Beaverbrooks by swapping those stories for those of 6 of our own colleagues, meaning everyone in our business was able to relate and buy into what they were reading."

    - Daniel Brown, Director, Beaverbrooks

  • survival-guide-to-change.jpg

    Survival Guide to Change

    The Liquid Thinking Survival Guide to Change is the eagerly anticipated next book by acclaimed author Damian Hughes.

    Brimming with entertaining stories, fascinating ideas and help…

    "I believe that we shouldn't fear change but should see it as bringing great possibilities. If Damian Hughes' can inspire you to welcome change as a positive influence, then he will have succeeded."

    Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive, Tesco

  • the-marvin-haglers-story.jpg

    The Marvin Hagler Story, Marvelous

    "You have three strikes against you, you're black, you're a southpaw, and you're good," Joe Frazier warned Marvin Hagler, the ultimate boxing outsider.

    Fighting out of Brockton, M…

    No. 1 best selling sports biography

    - Amazon

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    Peerless - The Sugar Ray Robinson Story

    In polls of who is the best 'pound for pound' boxer in the history of the sport, one name dominates. In a professional career lasting more than 25 years, Sugar Ray Robinson fought …

    "Damian and Brian take you on a thrilling journey."

    - Angelo Dundee, trainer of Muhammad Ali

  • hitman.jpg

    Hitman - The Thomas Hearns Story

    This is an extraordinary story of how a poor boy from a single-parent family in the urban wastelands of Detroit became a boxing superstar . From his life changing meeting with trai…

    "One of the best biographies of a professional fighter. A must read for all boxing fans"

    - Boxing News