Secret Weapon Revealed

WOLVES' secret weapon has been revealed. Sports psychologist Damian Huqhes has strengthened the team's armour this season in the pursuit of their first Super League title. Wolves' head of coaching and rugby Tony Smith, as well as his players, have been singing the praises of Hughes' contribution.

"He has an extraordinary ability to manage diverse personalities at the club, yet everyone has mutual respect for Damian because they know he is on their side," Smith explained. "Whether they want to talk to him about stress, worries, confidence, focus, concentration or motivation, he offers practical support, unlike any other sports psychologist I have come across. "He will nurture younger players, talk tough with others, relax a few and encourage some along the way.

He has a real gift for customising his support to suit individuals. "Players need someone like him to talk to about personal anxieties at home or work - the last person they want to tell is their coach. "Damian is a small price to pay to ensure emotional wellbeing and improve mental fitness among the players. He's worth his weight in gold."

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