Legendary trainer of Muhammad Ali


Legendary trainer of Muhammad Ali

Angelo Dundee is the best know of all boxing trainers. He is the most recognisable and famous. Angelo was born in Philadelphia in August 1921 and became involved in boxing in 1930's. Dundee trained in the region of 20 world champions but is famous for his work with Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Carmen Basilio, Willie Pastranao, Jose Napoles and Jimmy Ellis, to name but a few. Now in his 80's, Angelo is still the most sought after trainer, corner man and cutman.

It gives me tremendous pleasure to be able to offer a contribution to this excellent book.

I have been involved with boxing for 60 years and have been fortunate enough to train and work closely with over 20 world champions, including some of the all-time greats like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. It is for this reason that I feel able to comment upon what makes the difference between the ordinary and the great, where the thin dividing line between success and failure lies and what separates the true champions from the contenders.

It is not purely talent. I have seen hundred's of talented fighters who have never achieved everything that they should have done. It is not down to luck. Luck can only carry you so far. It is not about how privileged your background is or where you come from. It is about your attitude, the mental approach which you choose to adopt to chase your dreams. Damian has done a remarkable job in capturing, in this book, the tips and techniques which the great people, like Muhammad Ali, knew about and used to perfection to be able to conquer the world.

Your ambitions may be more moderate than that but it still shouldn't stop you using the same methods of the greats to help propel you towards your own goals. Combine these with the determination to work hard and dedicate your whole self towards achieving whatever it is you desire and you, too, can become your own version of a world champion.

Good luck.

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