"Being a great employer is a key driver for us at Beaverbrooks. Anything we can do to help our people grow, be even more successful, realise their dreams and reach their potential, catches our attention! Reading Damian's awesome book, Liquid Thinking, I was particularly struck by 2 points. Firstly, the wonderful flexibility of it.... it's powerful enough for the most experience CEO, yet accessible enough to appeal to the even the "I never really read books" team member.... it works for everybody. Secondly, the real, inspiring stories from real, inspiring, everyday people.... people like those we all know and work with. Damian did a great job in personalising the book for Beaverbrooks by swapping those stories for those of 6 of our own colleagues, meaning everyone in our business was able to relate and buy into what they were reading. We gave every member of our company their own copy, with it's personalised cover, foreword and even bookmark! The impact was so fabulous to see..... many people were drawn in, bought in, and made significant changes to what they do or how they choose to see the world - a number of them can give specific examples of the difference Liquid Thinking has made to them. Liquid Thinking is an outstanding motivation and personal development tool."

Daniel Brown, Director, Beaverbrooks

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