England Netball


I believe fate brought me in the path of Damian last year whilst I was attending a conference at Twickenham. Listening to Damian breakdown and explain the 5 steps to success, rationalised the process of coaching at the top level and the impact you can have on an environment from the outset and go on to create to achieve success.

With the help of Damian, he has supported the England Netball team in identifying the behaviours that we want to associate with our team, which create an open and honest environment that the players and staff want to work in. There was one quote that made a huge impact on our team going into our test series; ‘Feeling comfortable, being uncomfortable’,  an emotion each athlete recognised was important to overcome if they wanted to be the best and beat the best.

The England Netball Team look forward to building on the work we have done so far and look forward to the next challenge Damian brings.

Tracey Neville
Head Coach

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