Label Apeel


We all spend our whole lives learning our job. Very rarely do we stop and think about how we learn and how our brains are working and processing that information. Listening to Damian you could see the metaphorical light bulb going on across the room. People reflecting on some of their own bad habits or lazy thought processes. I think we would all agree that Damian left us with a better way of thinking about everything. He gave us a new starting point for our conversations within the business going forward and a new, better common language that we could all relate back to.

Damian spoke for 3 hours, he was funny, informative, engaging and warm. He managed to take really big stuff and break it down so that it made sense and so we could all apply it. The time flew but the lessons stuck. Probably the greatest compliment came on the following Saturday afternoon when I have it on good authority the works football team were still discussing what he had to say.

Stuart Kellock
Managing Director

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