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Damian has worked to great effect with both staff and Post 16 students at The Leigh Academy. I called him in initially to work with Post 16 students in Brunel College, we needed to build confidence and self-esteem for a quite able cohort who were losing their way a bit and needed to re-focus their energies. Students went into the session somewhat reluctantly (it was a three line whip)! Damian has a very straightforward way of working with you, in my experience some motivational speakers try a bit too hard to entertain by using humour to engage their audience. Damian is an excellent storyteller and slowly builds a set of scenarios within which students can easily picture themselves. Students quickly warm to his honest and open delivery style and he quickly had tour students "eating from his hands". Students later completed questionnaires within which they clearly rated the sessions highly, parents also commented on how these sessions had made a really positive impression on their sons / daughters.

The most effective sessions have however been with the staff. Damian was called in as the staff were exhausted and had lost their "spark" as they tried every trick in the book to get the best from our students. Staff were completely engaged in the training session and a number commented the following day that they felt "re-energized". One member of staff in particular made time to come to see me the following morning to thank me for inviting Damian in to work with them. She stated that amidst the challenge of pushing students to targets, she had forgotten just why she had become a teacher in the first place. After the session she stated that she now had renewed energy and could not wait to share some of the tips and tricks picked up within the session with her students.

I have personally found Damian's books insightful and well written. I read the last book so many times and scribbled so many thoughts and ideas on the pages that it is now under lock and key. You should never read one of Damian's books without a pen in your hand! I have bought copies for staff members who use them still.

Tony Ryan
Deputy Head Teacher
Leigh Technology Academy, Dartford

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