Myers Grove School

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Damian is an inspiration to students and staff alike. It was great to work with him from the initial ideas right through to the presentation. Damian cares about young people. He cares about them aiming to be the best they can be. I thought the way that Damian could use intelligent research linked to professional celebrities, and teams, he has worked with was the key. Students could use the theory and link it with success that was in their own experiences. I thought the combination of presentation, quotes, research and activities was  carefully thought through. Nothing was 'dumbed down' for young people. Damian made students really think- at some points you could actually see students reflecting on what they had heard- their eyes and body language showed they were linking Damian's words with their own lives and future aspirations. I know it was a success because the students told me it was! One even e-mailed Damian straight away and was very appreciative of the prompt detailed reply- yet further evidence that Damian's session made a measurable impact. Personally I took a lot from the session - I am constantly referring to parts of Damian's work. I look forward to working with him again.'

Jaq Lysandrou
Head Teacher
Myers Grove School, Sheffield

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