Nobby Stiles MBE


Nobby Stiles is one of only two Englishmen to have won the World Cup and the European Cup. The other is Sir Bobby Charlton.

I am honoured to be asked to write a foreword for this book and I hope that it provides you with some insights and inspiration which will let you go on and achieve your dreams and ambitions, just as I achieved mine by playing for Manchester United, winning the European Cup in 1968 and winning the World Cup with England in 1966.

I grew up in the back streets of Collyhurst, Manchester and my poor eyesight, lack of height and slight frame made me possibly the least likeliest contender to ever achieve footballing fame. I did it, however, through a combination of knowing what my dream was and never losing sight of it, no matter how tough times got, and by having a fierce determination to succeed. Without these attributes, all of the skill in the world wouldn't have helped me and it is for this reason that I'd encourage you to read this book and have a go at the exercises that are at the end of each chapter.

I would have loved the chance to read a book that could have helped me take a step closer towards my ambitions when I was younger and you should also make the most of the chances which are offered to you in this book.

On that famous day in June 1966, just before extra-time in the World Cup Final, Sir Alf Ramsey told us that we had the chance to step forward and achieve our ambitions over the next 30 minutes. We met the challenge that day and this book presents you with the same opportunity to understand and achieve your own ambitions. Make sure you take it.

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