"I've known and worked with Damian for a number of years.  In particular, I hired Damian to deliver a workshop for me in 2008 with a very challenging set of goals.  I needed the workshop to be energising, inspirational, engaging and meaningful for a new team who were starting to work together on improving the culture in their department.  Damian worked closely with us building the agenda and helping us plan for maximum impact, and he really delivered on all of what we needed.  The day and a half he spent with the team was fun, full of useful and exciting content, and the team came away feeling ready to take on the world!  We were able to build very effectively on the time we had spent together - the team members took so much of Damian's inspiration to heart and left full of ideas and energy to make a success of their work.  His approach, style, communication methods, exercises and content are all quite unique - I've never seen or worked with anyone else who can bring so much energy and humour while always ensuring the serious and necessary messages get across.  The difference that he made to our whole programme was phenomenal and I would highly recommend his approach and services."

Emma Finlay, HR Manager, Unilever

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