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Damian was our keynote speaker at the University's inaugural Cheshire Industry Professional Network event.  Damian's sheer enthusiasm and knowledge of motivation electrified the room of hundreds of university academics, guests and professional members.  As a true orator, Damian had the audience wide eyed and ore inspired by, not only his jaw-dropping research, but also the practical approaches which everyone could take away and use instantly within their own organisations.  Damian is a Visiting Professor and as such, is able to demonstrate not only the underpinning theory but the illuminating practicalities of motivating and inspiring people.  Everyone in the audience was able to reflect and put into practice at least one of the 'psychological jewels' which Damian had given out during the evening, which would have immediate impact in the workplace to move an organisation forward positively.

Professor Ruth Ashford

Executive Dean, Business, Enterprise and Lifelong Learning

Grosvenor Professor of Marketing

University of Chester

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