WJ Group Marketing


"Employing the services of Professor Damian Hughes of Liquid Thinking has to be amongst the best decisions and investments we have ever made.

WJ are a leading specialised UK highways company and following significant organic growth and strategic acquisitions we had two key objectives to meet. Firstly was to rebrand the whole business under a single identity and secondly to take a good company to the next level of performance.

As part of that exercise we introduced a new brand logo with the strapline 'think exceptional' and challenged ourselves to think exceptional in all we do.

An exceptional safety performance is paramount to us so along with an introduction of the new brand the first direct companywide engagement with employees and clients was at four regional safety training seminars.

Instinctively we knew we needed professional input to help us with change management issues and cultural behaviours.

We employed Damian Hughes to facilitate the seminars and provide presentations to understand how our brain works, why we react to situations and how we can change our behaviours for the better.

The interesting, inspiring and thought provoking sessions provided by Damian had our staff engaged throughout the day and helped us to communicate our safety messages in the receptive environment created. All four events were a great success.

The real benefit however has been that we are now using the Liquid Thinking lessons and language within ongoing staff communications providing valuable common ground to help us achieve our business goals more effectively.

There is no doubt we will be definitely using the services of Damian Hughes again in the near future."

Larry Walsh,
WJ Group Marketing

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